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Effecting 'good service', on time

We go to extreme lengths to ensure your process is served on time and correctly.

Being familiar with how legal documents must be served under French law, as well the requirements in our clients' own jurisdiction, we chose a method of service that complies with both, including - as applicable - the Hague Convention, or EC Regulation 1393/2007, as well as UK, Canadian, Australian and US Civil Procedure Rules.

Nationwide coverage

Our Service covers the entire France, including French overseas territories.

We have developed a network of carfefully selected tried and tested local process servers covering the whole of France, able and willing to take on the special requirements of serving legal paperwork originating from common-law countries.

We quote all-inclusive fixed fees, in advance, with no hidden costs.

Full reporting and Affidavits

Full reporting and accurate affidavits are as essential to you as the serving of the documents.

We offer you a complete multilingual service giving all possible guarantees that service will be effective. 

Our Affidavits, drafted in English, provide invaluable information regarding the date, manner of service, identity of the person served and other details. 

Service of process in France, from abroad.